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Custom designed and standard power supplies from Setec

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Setec  is involved in designing and manufacturing electronic power solutions. The power solutions from Setec are widely used by gaming, medical, automotive, lighting, communications, information technology sectors.

The power solutions from Setec include custom designed, standard power supplies and industry related power solutions. Custom design power solution from Setec is designed to meet the needs of particular product. Other than volts and amperes, many other types of design are incorporated by Setec including a smart functions and shift to control circuitry into electronic and power supply. Energy savings and energy star requirements are met by Setec using power conversion technology.

Standard power solutions are provided through switch mode and electronic ballasts. The switch mode of power solutions include under <200W, AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies and various other switch mode units for the medical and communications industries. The power solutions with outputs of <400W from Setec are ideal for the telecommunications and recreational vehicle and industries. These power supplies are powered by alternate current mains having 13.8V direct current output.

Electronic ballasts products are also provided by Setec. The EBS3 range come with high frequency electronic ballasts for driving fluorescent tubes and it is powered bu 24 volt direct current.

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