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Printed circuit boards from Sesame Electronics

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Sesame Electronics  is specialist in offering printed circuit boards. The printed circuit boards include copper only prototypes, complex boards, bare boards, assembled boards etc.

Sesame Electronics provides materials for assembling the boards. The assembly quote is given in excel spreadsheet form. This sheet provides part numbers, datasheets, and photo of each part required to be assembled. Fully featured boards have minimum space and track and it come with smaller drill size 0.35 mm and are available in 1, 2, 4 and 6 layers. Fully featured boards come with solder masks, silkscreens and plated through holes.

Copper only prototypes from Sesame Electronics are just made using art work and holes are drilled if required. Copper prototype boards are available in various forms and fits on panels ranging from 150 x 250 millimetres. The art work made by PCB design program is preferred in making this copper prototype boards. Commonly handled programs include Protel98, AutoTrack, DipTrace, Eagle, FreePCB and Linux PCB and so on. Sesame Electronics also handles computer formats including AutoCAD, paint, bmp, PDF, CorelDraw.

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