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Arc Defender welding helmets from Servore International

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Servore International have designed and manufactured helmets which combine performance, comfort and style. Arc Defender welding helmets are manufactured from a special impact and temperature resistant nylon which is light but strong, making it ideal for use when welding.

The ergonomic design is designed to direct waste gasses away from the face and also remain balanced at all times so it can be worn comfortable all day. The helmets are only 440 grams in weight and is fully adjustable, allowing room for glasses or facemasks to be worn underneath.

Features include:

  • Suitable for all welding applications including low amp TIG
  • Automatically darkens
  • Shades 9 to 13 fully adjustable
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Infrared protection
  • Operating temperature between -50 to 55 degrees Celsius

Arc Defender welding helmets have a wide viewing are of 104 by 42 millimetres and an external cartridge of 118 by 83 millimetre. A fully automatic on and off switch allows for continuous wear during welding, and a dual power plus solar power battery lasts approximately 3000 hours.

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