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Repair and remanufacturing services of motors from Servo Motors Australia

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Servo Motors Australia  is involved in servicing and repairing, rewinding and remanufacturing of spindle motors, pancake motors and servo motors using test equipment and latest technology. Servo Motors Australia is a part of Partington Electrix.

Services offered by Servo Motors Australia include remanufacture, repair and rewinding of different types of direct current, alternate current and permanent magnet servo motors. Disk and pancake motors are also repaired, serviced and remanufactured by Servo Motors Australia.

Servo Motors Australia provides reporting and testing on condition of feedback devices like digital programmed units, involved in remanufacturing, repair and servicing of alternate current spindle motors, magnetising of permanent magnet electric motors and Tacho generators are serviced. Other services include resolving and encoding of alignments using latest technology.

AC low voltage electric motors like wire wound stators, wire wound rotors, slip ring rotors are serviced and repaired. DC electric motors like armature coils, interpoles, shunts, commutators are also serviced by Servo Motors Australia. Designing and re designing service of electric motors are also done at Servo Motors Australia.

Workshop services include cleaning the parts of motors, checking feed back devices, re assembling of motors, seals and bearings. Workshop services provided by Servo Motors Australia include checking of shafts and bearing housings to mechanical tolerances, it also set brakes to manufacturers holding torque settings and offers inspection and painting services.

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