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Wonder-Wand magnetic cleaner available from Serpent & Dove

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article image Wonder-Wand magnetic cleaner is 240mm in length

The Wonder-Wand magnetic cleaner from Serpent & Dove has been cleaning up machine shops since its invention in the early 90’s.

The Serpent & Dove magnetic cleaner was the original and on introduction to the North American market won Silver at the Chicago Plant Engineering Product of the Year awards in 1998.

A recent test revealed that a copy magnetic wand to the Wonder-Wand magnetic cleaner proved to be twice the weight, 1 Kg compared to Wonder-Wand 0.5 Kg. The copy magnetic cleaner was therefore more likely to cause fatigue in use and only had two thirds the depth of magnetic field, meaning it could not hold as much collected waste.

Additionally, the active magnetic length of the Wonder-Wand magnetic cleaners is 240mm against the copy’s 180mm. Collected waste can be discharged by a simple pull action that moves the internal magnet element past a barrier.

The original Wonder-Wand magnetic cleaner is available from hundreds of outlets throughout Australia.

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