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Tecno-Lift lifting magnet systems available from Serpent & Dove

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Tecno-Lift lifting magnet systems from Serpent & Dove make difficult steel lifting jobs easy. Tecno-Lift Lifting Magnet Systems can handle steel plate up to 16m long and 25 tonnes in weight with efficiency and ease.

Employing Tecnomagnete Quadsystem permanent and electro magnet technology, electric power is used only for a few seconds during ‘Mag’ and ‘Demag’ cycles while permanent magnets, using no electric power, do all the hard work. This results in massive energy savings and relatively lightweight magnets, an important factor when maximising crane capacity.

This technology also enables selection of one sheet off the top of a stack and does not leave residual magnetism in the load. Telescopic beams quickly adjust to accommodate various plate lengths and come in 4 or 6 cross-arm versions, each cross-arm having two electro-permanent lifting modules. Smaller fixed-beam systems are also available. Serpent & Dove represent Tecnomagnete in Australia.

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