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Steel lifting with magnets from Serpent & Dove

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Serpent & Dove  specialises in solving steel lifting problems with magnets. Lifting with magnets can save time and also prevent hand and finger injuries that are often incurred when using slings or other methods. The steel lifted is thick or thin, large and flexible or small and rigid there is usually an appropriate way of lifting with magnets.

Some lifting magnets are designed to lift thick, heavy steel and some are designed for thin materials, the major consideration with large, thin steel being the amount of unsupported sag which can be tolerated whilst providing a safe lift.

With the complete range of Tecnomagnete electro or permanent, or indeed, electro-permanent magnetic lifters for duties from as small as a few kilograms to as big as hundreds of tonnes, there is not much outside the magnetic steel lifting expertise of Serpent & Dove. A useful questionnaire is available to assist customers provide all the information needed to see whether lifting with magnets can provide a speedy return on investment.

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