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Small electromagnets from Serpent & Dove

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Serpent & Dove  are experts in 'Finding Ways With Magnets', so much so that it is their company motto, and many of those ‘ways’ involve their range of small electromagnets.

With sizes ranging from 10mm diameter, small electromagnets are used in applications as diverse as robotics, fire door closures, air-conditioning vents and many lifting and clamping systems. In fact, Serpent & Dove’s popular Mighty Micro and Stubby electromagnets find their way into industries and products worldwide.

The Mighty Micro is 35mm in diameter and can be mounted from front or rear, providing up to 25kgs of clamping force, while the he Stubby is 60mm in diameter and yields more than 80kgs of grip.

Serpent & Dove also offers parallel pole modular electromagnets from 100mm to metres in length, which are ideal as lifting magnets for lifting thin steel sheets.

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