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Serpent & Dove introduces hull and boom magnet

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It is surprising just where magnets are used today. With quantum increases in magnet strength available with the advent of the rare earth magnet materials, many clamping and lifting applications are now possible that were not, just a few years ago.

Using high strength neodymium magnet elements, Serpent & Dove has developed hull and boom magnet for marine use.

Whether securing floating oil-spill containment booms to ship hulls, maintenance vessels alongside, or Pilot ladders on the side of a ship, the hull and boom magnets are capable of gripping a steel hull or deck with better than 350Kgs of force.

Despite such strength, the hull and boom magnet is easily removed by means of a lever handle (versions of which are subject to patent number 2006100760).

Weighing only about 5Kgs, the magnets feature neodymium cores within steel housings, the perimeters of which concentrate magnetic flux over a small air-gap for maximum gripping effect.

The magnet housings are resin filled and the body and handle are powder-coated for protection in marine environments. A rated stainless steel eye bolt for tie-off completes the assembly.

One major shipping line has embraced the hull and boom magnet as a necessary safety adjunct in use with Pilot ladders.

Since Pilots are required to board large vessels, sometimes in rolling swell conditions, safety is a major concern.

Now, with the Serpent & Dove hull and boom magnet, ladders can be stabilised and Pilots can ascend and descend with much greater safety. Hundreds are now in use world-wide for this duty but many are also used to provide quick connection and tie-off for floating spill booms or temporary tie off for maintenance or other vessels alongside large ships.

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