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Rollable magnetic clamp

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article image More than 25kg clamping strength.

SERPENT and Dove has added the Rollalong Magnetic Square to its family of magnetic clamps for the welding industry.

The Rollalong Magnetic Square enables the user to roll a clamped workpiece up to a pre-determined mark and to more easily manipulate a workpiece across its face.

The Rollalong can also be easily removed from the job. Rolling on precision brass rollers which provide a very small air-gap between the clamping edges and the clamped workpiece, the Rollalong will clamp 3mm thick steel with more than 25kg of clamping strength.

Available now in the standard 110mm x 95mm size, the Rollable feature will soon become available in each size of Serpent and Dove's range of Welders Magnetic Squares.

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