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Rare earth permanent lifting magnet

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article image Easily lift heavy steel products.

THE MaxX range of rare earth lifting magnets, known as the Champion range in Australia, is suitable for all lifting operations in the modern workshop and for small or large factories. It is permanent magnetic technology that needs no electrical connection.

The range is made in Italy by Tecnomagnete and distributed by Serpent and Dove throughout Australia and New Zealand.

There are five models in the range with lifting capacities from 250kg to 2000kg.

With the simple upward motion of a lever, steel plates, sheets and blocks or steel rounds and tubes can be easily lifted. Magnetism lifts, transports and releases the load quickly, needing just one operator.

Unlike other methods the magnet cannot compress or deform the load. Large power-to-magnet weight ratio maximises crane or lifting device capacity.

Once activated, a spring-loaded lock prevents accidental deactivation. A special neutral crown design concentrates the magnetic force on the job and prevents magnetic attraction to adjacent steel objects.

MaxX lifters are resistant to wear and tear with the activation rotor centred on ball bearings being the only movable component. There is no physical contact or friction during the rotation phase.

In normal working conditions they are maintenance free.

Nickel coating on all of the MaxX's steel parts prevents rust formation, increases component life and provides greater surface hardness for optimal load contact.

There is a VS model that comes complete with a device to enable in-shear, vertical loading.

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