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MaxX Permanent Lift Magnets offering superior performance for heavy lifting
  • MaxX Lifters from Serpent and Dove use only genuine licensed neodymium material and come with a three year warranty
  • All steel components are nickel plated to prevent corrosion and provide surface hardness on the poles
  • Tecnomagnete's 'neutral crown' magnetic circuit design ensures that maximum magnetic energy is concentrated at the poles and cannot disperse into adjacent loadsMaxX 
  • Lifters can also be supplied with a vertical lift attachment for use where steel must be lifted in a vertical orientation

Safe, easy to use Magnetic Lifting Equipment 

The lifting of steel plates, girders and beams is greatly simplified with safe, easy to use permanent lifting magnets.

  • Requiring no electric power and employing state of the art neodymium (rare earth) magnet elements, it's now possible to safely lift huge loads with comapact and lightweight magnets
  • A MaxX Lifter weighing in at 6 kgs will lift a whopping 250 kgs and provide a 3:1 margin of safety (it will break away at 750 kgs)
  • The range extends from 125 kgs to 2000 kgs with special units available for thinner material as well
Using MaxX Lifters, the dangers associated with slinging, such as finger injuries and slippage, are completely obviated Serpent & Dove information and contact details


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21/11/11 - Serpent & Dove has extended their range of permanent magnet lifters with the introduction of two new models.
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03/05/11 - Serpent & Dove offers a new range of lifting magnets designed for use at sites with no source of electric power. The battery-powered magnetic lifters are available from Tecnomagnete.
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04/03/11 - Permanent-electro lifting magnets, now distributed by Serpent & Dove in conjunction with Italian manufacturer Tecnomagnete, offer a range of benefits over conventional lifting magnet systems.
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16/12/10 - Serpent & Dove have released a new low-cost magnetic lifting system available for loading plasma, laser and water cutting tables, the Tecnomagnete Easylift 600.
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10/12/10 - The Tecnomagnete range of permanent-electro lifting magnet systems available from Serpent & Dove is designed for heavy duty lifting applications in various industrial environments.
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