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New surface clamping magnets released from Serpent & Dove

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article image Magro-Pad clamping magnets now available from Serpent & Dove

These magnetic clamping blocks from Serpent & Dove provide magnetic strength with surface protection and added slip resistance. Although totally rubber encased, the new magnets are unlike magnetic rubber in that they have a series of North/South neodymium (rare earth) magnet elements on a steel back bar so that they produce exceptional clamping strength at the working face.

Features of the surface clamping magnets include:

  • The total rubber encasing of the clamping magnets protects clamped surfaces from damage and also provides additional friction resistance to forces in a shear or slide direction
  • A 100 x 75 x 11 mm thick  Magro-Pad clamping magnet, 10 mm thick provides 16 Kgs of grip on ½ mm steel and better than 46 Kgs on 3 mm steel
  • Magro-Pad clamping magnets can be supplied in a number of standard shapes and sizes with threaded holes or mounting studs or can be custom made and coloured if required
Magro-Pads clamping magnets provide an attractive alternative to conventional Pot Magnets – especially where surface protection is important. Typical applications of the clamping magnets include:
  • Antenna bases
  • Clamping for signage
  • Instruments
  • Safety flags
  • Lighting

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