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Modular-Mag electromagnet steel lifting system from Serpent & Dove

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article image The Modular-Mag electromagnet steel lifting system

The newly patented, low weight, low profile Modular-Mag electromagnet steel lifting system is available from Serpent & Dove .

Designed with the requirements of laser, plasma and water cutting tables in mind, the Modular-Mag system can handle steel pipe, tube and hollow section material. The system is also capable of carrying the un-cut sheet to the table as well as lifting the cut ‘nest’ from the table after processing. This offers the potential to save hours of labour and speed turnaround times.

The Modular-Mag system is constructed in a modular form and can be assembled in lengths up to 6 metres. The Modular-Mag system employs a series of small standard coils arranged within the entire length on a range of possible pitch centres to suit the magnetic strength required for the job. A relatively shallow, yet strong magnetic field ensures that one sheet can be selected from the top of a stack.

The design of the Modular-Mag system provides a low profile (150mm) and keeps the weight much lower than conventional electromagnets so that little crane capacity is soaked up by the weight of the magnet. The system operates on low voltage DC, and appropriate power supplies and battery back-ups are available. Modular-Mag modules are available for mounting by the customer or incorporated onto a frame.

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