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Magnetic conditioners available from Serpent and Dove

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Serpent and Dove  distribute a range of magnetic conditioners supplied by CEPI. Build-up of scale in pipes results in increased repair and maintenance costs and also reduced production efficiencies. The CEPI Company of Europe supply a range of magnetic conditioners that can be used for reducing and controlling scale in pipes. The technology is applicable to evaporative condensers, heat exchangers, boilers and to applications where the flow of any liquid may result in the build-up of scale inside pipes or on the surfaces of screens and sieves.

A suitable magnetic conditioner for scale build-up problems in pipes can be selected on the basis of the chemistry and potential of the pipes to respond to the applied magnetic treatment. The magnetic conditioners distributed by Serpent and Dove are available in standard sizes ranging from a tiny 6mm diameter to a huge 2.5 metre diameter units. A 2.5 metre diameter unit can process 2.5 mega litres of water or fluids per hour.

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