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Magnetic Water/Fluid Treatment devices from Serpent and Dove

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Scale build up in cooling tower pipes and many other applications costs industry dearly each year in clean-up chemicals, down-time and reduced efficiencies.

It is estimated that in UK alone, the problem costs industry at least one billion pounds a year.

While magnetic treatment of water, fluids or juices to prevent scale build-up has had a chequered past, one company has a good reputation for effective magnetic water and fluids treatment and conditioning.

That company is CEPI of Europe, whose products and expertise are now available through an associate enterprise of Australian magnetic innovator and specialist, Serpent & Dove.

With over 700,000 properly applied and installed in-line magnetic conditioners to its credit, CEPI has been backed by university research confirming changes in structures of calcium and other mineral particles in liquids when passed through a specific type of magnetic field at specific velocities.

Put simply, the change, which lasts several days, discourages crystal formation and maintains nano-particles which more easily stay in suspension and do not settle and harden as scale. The technology is particularly applicable to cooling towers, evaporative condensers, heat exchangers and boilers.

Once a specific problem has been examined, CEPI will only offer magnetic conditioning if the water chemistry will be responsive. CEPI’s Magnetic Water/Fluid Treatment devices range from 6mm diameter to a huge 2.5 metre diameter unit that processes 2.5m litres per hour.

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