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Lifting magnets improve safety and productivity

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article image Lifting magnets improve safety and productivity

Serpent & Dove has been helping manufacturers make significant gains in both productivity and safety with its range of MaxX series permanent magnetic lifters.

Because lifting magnets obviate the need for slings which have associated safety problems such as finger injuries, many operators in mining, steel handling, ship-building and general engineering are turning to permanent magnetic lifters. Simple to use, safe and secure on flat or round steel, operators are finding peace of mind and at the same time, increasing productivity.

The MaxX range of lifting magnets from Serpent and Dove provides capacities from 125 to 2000 kilograms, with at least two units in the range catering for the lifting of thinner gauge steel than is normally possible with permanent lifting magnets. Among many benefits of these lifting magnets is the extraordinary power to weight ratio, meaning that very small magnets are capable of lifting large loads whilst the magnet’s own weight does not use valuable hoist or crane capacity. No electric power is required and the The MaxX series lifters come with a 5 year warranty.

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