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Improved Yellow Mag pilot ladder magnets from Serpent & Dove

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Serpent & Dove  presents an enhanced range of pilot ladder magnets designed for marine pilot safety.
First introduced in the mid-1990s, the Yellow Mag pilot ladder magnets have become a necessary part of a ship’s safety equipment due to upgraded OH&S requirements for international marine pilots.
Yellow Mag pilot ladder magnets secure the rope ladder to the ship hull when marine pilots board from the pilot vessel. The improvements, which are Patent Pending internationally, have resulted in the magnet becoming 1.6kg (30%) lighter than the original version, enabling easier deployment, especially at arm’s length.
The new Yellow Mag II employs a flexible high density poly base and flexible magnet mount system to accommodate irregularities due to paint layers, corrosion, weld lines as well as curvature on a ship’s hull.
The enhanced Yellow Mag pilot ladder magnets, while having the same magnetic strength, require 15% less force for removal with the handle, making them much less vulnerable to salt corrosion.
Yellow Mag pilot ladder magnets are available through distributors in Australia, United States, Singapore and Europe.

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