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How to recover lost items from down drill holes

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article image Some typical down-hole retrieval magnets

Retriever magnets available from Serpent & Dove are specifically designed to recover various steel items left down a hole following drilling.

When drills, drill casings and other hole-boring apparatus break off and are left down a hole, the best way to recover such steel items is using magnets designed for the task. 

Serpent & Dove’s range of retriever magnets is designed for magnetic recovery, and available ex-stock in various sizes for purchase or rental.

Known as recovery magnets or ‘fishing’ magnets, selecting a specific magnetic retriever depends on the size, shape and depth of the steel item to be recovered, and may involve a specifically designed retriever that provides a shaped magnetic field suitable for the job. 

Recovery magnets for underwater work are usually sealed in a robust, epoxy resin or reinforced stainless steel housing and use neodymium (rare earth) magnetic elements to form patterns of very strong North/South/North/South magnetic fields across the working face. 

Serpent & Dove – Applied Magnetics has supplied many such magnetic retrievers, some for deep sea use and often for emergencies.

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