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Grate magnets for food industry from Serpent and Dove

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Effective magnetic protection and clean-up of iron contamination in food process plants, has in the past been seen in one of two ways; either as a major capital project, or, with an ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ approach. Either approach can end up being costly in capital outlay, or in product contamination.

Today’s process plants not only undergo frequent audits of magnetic protection, but also frequent re-jigs and iterations as new products or process methods are introduced. There is, therefore, a need for product insurance in the form of magnetic protection that is not a major capital investment and which makes change or even redundency manageable.

With the cost of high-grade neodymium rare earth materials coming down, Serpent and Dove has introduced its Econo-Grate range, providing all the strength required (10,000 Gauss +) to get fine iron out, while not breaking the bank. Available in sanitary construction in round, rectangular, square or special profile configurations as well as in housings if required, Econo-Grate represents the next step in magnetic protection for food, grain and other products.

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