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Finding ways with lifting magnets

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article image Finding ways with lifting magnets

Living up to its motto ‘Finding Ways with Magnets’, Serpent & Dove has recently supplied a specially designed lifting magnet system for steel coils.

Comprising three lifting magnets mounted in radial triangular configuration on a plate, the permanent magnets are turned on and off by means of low voltage DC electric gearmotors. Permanent Magnetic Lifters are usually turned on and off by means of a lever. In this case the levers have been replaced with fitted gears on the lifting magnet centre shaft that enable the reversible motor drives, fitted with limit switches, to operate the magnets to their on and off positions on command.

The three 1 tonne capacity lifting magnets make easy work of coiled steel up to more than 2 tonnes in weight. The unit is lowered onto the coil end, the lifting magnets are turned to the ‘on’ position by means of remote switching and a safe, secure and easy lift is made. Another successful application for permanent magnetic lifters supplied by Serpent and Dove® as distributor for Tecnomagnete MaxX Lifters, the world’s most recognised and used lifting magnets.

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