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Battery-Powered Lifting Magnets available from Serpent & Dove

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article image Bat-Grip battery-operated lifting magnet

Serpent & Dove  offers a new range of lifting magnets designed for use at sites with no source of electric power. The battery-powered magnetic lifters are available from Tecnomagnete.  

Tecnomagnete’s Bat-Grip battery-operated lifting magnets employ Tecnomagnete’s unique permanent-electro magnet system that can dramatically extend time between battery charging schedules.  

Suitable for environments where no electric power is accessible or available, Bat-Grip battery-operated lifting magnets can lift loads up to 2 tonnes under Australian Standard AS4991.  

Bat-Grip battery-operated lifting magnets are equipped with a remote wireless control system and Tecnomagnete’s unique Dautanac system to prevent discharge during a lifting operation.

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