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Barrier creams protect workers’ hands

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article image Available in 500mL pump packs with wall-mountable brackets also available.

SEPTONE has released a range of barrier creams that protect hands from harsh substances and skin irritations. Protecta Plus, Protecta Guard and Protecta Care are suitable for workers who get their hands dirty in industries including the mining, industrial, construction, automotive, transport, farming and hospitality sectors.

The creams provide natural moisturising and super-fatting to the skin. This stimulates the skin's natural processes and aids in healing burns, and abrasions. Regular use of the creams helps protect against dermatitis and other skin irritations. The creams are pH-controlled for compatibility with all skin types.

Protecta Plus is a water-repellent barrier cream designed to protect the skin from water, moisture and water-borne irritants including acids, alkalis, fertilisers, detergents, electrolyte solutions and wet soils. It is effective for several hours and uses a formula similar to that of water-resistant sunscreens.

Protecta Guard is a solvent-resistant barrier cream for those working with dry powders, dust, oil, grease and solvents. It is insoluble in most petroleum-derived solvents and will guard against paints, bitumen, grease, adhesives, oils and petrol.

Protecta Care is an after work skin repair cream designed to replace the acid mantle that is removed through working with harsh materials. It helps to soften rough, scaly and thickened skin while also preventing chafed, chapped, cracked, windburnt skin.

The creams are suitable for preventing and repairing skin conditions including dryness, windburn and cracked skin. They are available in 500mL pump packs with wall-mountable brackets also available.

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