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Steam melting grids available from Sepak Industries

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Sepak Industries  is a fully owned Australian company. The company manufacture steam melting grids for use with products including waxes, shortening and butter. Melting times can be considerably reduced through the use of steam melting grids, as opposed to conventional methods of electric melting.  

Traditional melting processes involve dropping large solid pieces of material into heated vessels. This results in slow melting and can cause damage to machinery pumps and agitators. Processing times are reduced by the Sepak Industries steam melting grids due to solids being melted as they enter the process.  

The use of steam provides an instant source of heat. Sepak’s heated process vessels when used in conjunction with installations have enabled melting of up to 25kg of solid shortening in under five minutes, passing less than 25 percent as solid particles.  

Many of the problems associated with electric heating systems such as burn-on and temperature over shoot can be reduced, controlled or eliminated by pressure.  

Steam melting grids can be used to melt butter for the production of ghee, shortening/fat melting for the production of food, and melting of wax for use in conditioners and shampoos.  

Also available are heated process vessels featuring scraped surface agitators and a range of hygienic valves and pumps for melting process systems.

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