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Stainless steel process vessels

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article image Tanks and vessels are manufactured with stainless steel 316 welted parts.

SEPAK Industries designs, manufactures and installs stainless steel tanks, process vessels and kettles for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Tanks and vessels can be custom-designed with dimple plate cavity jackets for heating of contents with steam or hot water or for cooling with glycol or refrigerant.

Tanks from 50L to 50ML may have conical or flat sloped bottoms, with options such as tank outlet valves, spray balls or top or side entry. Sepak Industries can also design and manufacture stainless steel pressure vessels.

Tanks and vessels are manufactured with stainless steel 316 welted parts and are hygienically designed with knuckle radius and polished internal surfaces.

Sepak Industries can also offer specialised mixing solutions for vessels. Options include aerofoil or paddle type mixers, ribbon mixers, scraped surface agitators, specialised powder dispersing mixers, counter rotating mixers, emulsifiers or high shear mixers. The company also offers associated process equipment such as hygienic pumps, hygiene valves sight glasses, homogenisers, separators and grape presses.

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