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Spiratube tubular heat exchangers from Sepak Industries

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The Sepak Industries Spiratube tubular heat exchangers incorporate corrugated tubes and other next generation profiles that increase fluid turbulence and rate of transfer of heat.  

The tubular heat exchangers have a large increase on the heat transfer coefficient, thus making thermal treatment more effective. There are no maintenance costs and the corrugation provide self cleaning capabilities.

As there is zero degradation in organic properties, a larger range of natural food products are able to be used. Products containing large particles are able to be processed by the Spiratube tubular heat exchanger.  

Suitable for high temperature and high pressure processes, savings can be made by using titanium or hastelloy. The reduced heat transfer area means the heat exchanger is smaller than equivalent smooth tube units.  

Industrial applications for the exchangers include automotive, waste water, sanitary hot water, ship construction, heat recovery and condensers. A large number of hygienic applications are also possible such as soups, oils and vegetable fats, beer malts, juices and soft drinks, pulps and pieces of fruit and vegtables, pharmaceutical fluids for injection, fruit preparation for yogurts and many others.  

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