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SEPAK Industries unveils SEPAK Jar wash recovery system

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SEPAK Jar wash recovery system, available from, SEPAK Industries, consists of two main assemblies, water recovery tank, and spray nozzles assembly.

The stainless steel recovery tank with 225 litres water capacity equipped with integrated heating system, pumping and filtration system, as well as a safety cut off and emergency system.

The tank assembly set on a stainless steel skid on wheels.

An 18 kw direct immersion heater controlled by a digital temperature controller to assure a stable set-point temperature up to 75oC, supported with auto tuning technology to reduce temperature overshot.

Dual-impeller stainless steel centrifugal pump used to assure continuous circulation and stable water delivery to the spray nozzles header.

Flow rate can be control by adjusting the flow control valve to assure best spraying characteristics.

30 Mesh Top strainer set on the tank lid to strain the return water from the conveyor and dripping trays.

Two sight glasses fixed on the front side of the tank to allow the operator to check water contamination. In addition, an inline strainer with another stand-by one installed on the spraying system delivery line to protect the nozzles from blockage.

Two pressure gauges installed before and after those strainers to indicate pressure differential.

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