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SEPAK Industries delivers stainless steel air filter housings

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Australian owned SEPAK Industries  is a supplier of stainless steel food, beverage and pharmaceutical systems.  

SEPAK has a range of air filter housings for cleansing incoming air when emptying or venting hygienic tanks and vessels. The housings also prevent insects and dust from entering vessels that are not in current use.  

SEPAK’s range of air filter housings feature easily replaceable standard rectangular filter cartridges, facilitate high air flow rates and lower the risk of tank collapse resulting from vacuum suction.  

The air filtration units are often able to be fitted to 2 hygenic tanks to reduce costs. The two-stage HEPA filters are 0.3 microns and are encapsulated in water resistant cartridges.  

With a range of single or tee outlets available, SEPAK air filter boxes can also be supplied with triclover or BSM hygienic stainless steel fittings to fit hard piping. While standard connection size is 3”, SEPAK Industries is able to design and deliver custom sizes to suit any application.  

Air filter housings are available for indoor and outdoor use and are able to use standard, water resistant and HEPA filters. Air flow, efficiency and pressure drop varies depending on the selected filter.

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