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Powder mixing systems from Sepak Industries now with new shear pump technology

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article image Powder mixing system with new built in shear pump

Now available from Sepak Industries , the new range of powder mixing systems incorporate a shear pump to dramatically reduce dissolving times.
These powder mixing systems are skid mounted, inline, powder / liquid blending systems for introducing powders into continuous wet processes. This system is used where ‘difficult to wet’ powders cannot simply be tipped into a process vessel and stirred.

The powder mixer utilizes a shear self priming pump, together with a powder hopper, valves and pipe work to reduce dissolving times by up to 90%, for example, this machine can successfully dissolve 15t of sugar per hour into cold water.

The high shear energy, produced from the shear pump's 0.3mm rotor/stator clearance and up to 38 m/s rotor tip speeds, reaches up to 125000 s-1 and has been proven to create homogenous emulsions from a diverse range of products.

Other proven applications for Sepak Industries powder mixing systems include:

  • homogenising of frozen Banana puree 30m³/h
  • egg-powder in water
  • sugar / salt in liquid eggs
  • solving minerals (magnesium carbonate) in water
  • bio-Flour (>25%) in water in a yeast factory
  • solving sugar in condensed milk (40m 3/ hr)
  • producing chocolate topping (cocoa, milkpowder, creampowder and fat in syrup)
  • solving of minerals / vitamins / pectin / xanthangum / fluid-aroms in juice-concentrate
  • solving of powder in fluids, like PTFE in oil
  • solving of fluids in fluids, like additives in engine / gear-oil, lubricant.

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