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Melting problems solved

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article image Used for wax melting for shampoos and conditioners.

SEPAK Industries now manufactures steam melting grids for products such as butter, shortening and waxes. The steam melting grids can considerably reduce melting times, compared with conventional electric melting methods.

Many melting processes involve dropping large solid pieces into a heated vessel that can be slow to melt and can damage agitators and pumps. Our melting grids reduce process times by melting the solid as it enters the system.

Past installations have shown to melt 25kg of solid shortening in less than 5 minutes and passed less than 25% as solid particles that melted quickly in the liquid when used in conjunction with Sepak’s heated process vessels. The steam provides instant heat, which can be accurately controlled by pressure eliminating temperature over shoot and 'burn-on' problems associated with electric heating systems.

Applications include butter melting for ghee production, shortening/fat melting for food production and wax melting for shampoos and conditioners.

Sepak Industries also manufacture heated process vessel with scraped surface agitators and supply hygienic pumps and valves for the melting process system.

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