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Delicate product piston pumps

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THE Unica piston pump has been released by Sepak to provide delicate product handling and allow pumping of products containing large particulates such as half peaches, mango slices and whole strawberries.

The pump employs a reciprocating piston to displace the product through the chamber and uses flap valves to ensure constant flow in one direction.

The reciprocating piston is driven via a hydraulic cylinder, ensuring quiet operation. The hydraulic drive unit may be mounted remote to the pump.

The hygienic design ensures no contact between the hydraulic fluid and product and is suited to CIP cleaning.

The Unica piston pump can also handle large particulates such as peaches, mangos, etc... due to the flap valves being 3" at the inlet and 2 1/2" at the outlet.

The pump can achieve flows between 2000L/h and 16000L/h and the product flow can be easily adjusted by varying the hydraulic fluid flow. The pump is designed to handle hydraulic fluid pressures up to 150 bar, which allows product-pumping pressures up to 20 bar.

The pump is also self priming and can run empty of product. The pump is fully constructed of stainless steel and will operate at working temperatures up to 100°C.

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