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Counter rotating mixers for non-Newtonian liquids

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article image The counter rotating mixer was fitted to an existing 7500L steam jacketed, vacuum vessel.

SEPAK Industries design and manufacture counter rotating mixers for the mixing of viscous, non-Newtonian fluids in tanks and process vessels.

Products such as conditioners, shampoo and tomato sauce can now be easily mixed, improving heating and process times.

The mixers can be adapted to suit existing vessels or Sepak Industries can design and manufacture complete purpose built process vessels.

The mixers are manufactured with an anchor type outer stirrer and aerofoil type inner stirrers.

The outer stirrer has Nylon scraper blades for scraping the vessel wall to prevent burn in heated vessels and to increase turbulence and heat transfer near vessel walls.

The bulk of the liquid is pumped down before being re-circulated up past the scraped heated tank walls.

Mixing speed, mixer type and blade profiles can be selected to suit specific applications or products with many types available.

The pictured mixer was fitted to an existing 7500L steam jacketed, vacuum vessel. Hard faced mechanical shaft seals were adapted to allow the mixer and vessel to hold the vacuum during the mixing process.

A split mechanical seal was used on the outer shaft to minimise disassembly and downtime for seal face replacement.

Sepak Industries’ design also avoids any bolted shaft couplings within the vessel and all wetted parts are manufactured from 316 stainless steel.

The scraper design allows scrapers to be changed in minutes without the use of tools.

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