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Continuous UHT pasteurising systems

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article image Fully contained on stainless steel skid.

SEPAK Industries manufactures continuous UHT or standard pasteurising systems for milk, ice cream, juices, soups, sauces and food products.

There are standard designs available or systems can be custom designed for specific applications.

Models are available with various levels of control available from complete PLC control with touch screen operator interface (HMI) right down to complete manual control.

The 1500L/hr UHT model pictured is fully contained on stainless steel skid, comes complete with integrated high pressure hot water system and requires only 'fresh milk in', 'pasteurised product out', electrical and chilled water connections to be made.

Model pictured also includes a mid-regenerative stage take off with boster pump for homogenisation at 45°C. Components used include high quality Fristam hygienic pumps and Sudmo valves.

Plate heat exchanger type pasteurisers, pictured here, are good for low viscosity products such as milk and ice cream mix.

'Free Flow' plate type heat exchangers are available for products with fibrous particles such as fruit juices. Tube and shell type heat exchangers are available for high viscosity products or products with particulates such as bolognaise or fruit pieces in sauce.

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