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All welded plate and shell heat exchanger

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PLATE and shell heat exchangers are now available from Sepak .

This heat exchanger is approximately five to six times more efficient than a regular tube and shell unit because it uses plates with a high surface area instead of tubes.

It is also 5 to 6 times smaller than a shell and tube unit obtaining the same results.

The all-welded plate means that there are no gaskets to be replaced, making them virtually maintenance free. The plate and shell heat exchanger is ideal for water chilling using refrigerant on the plate side and also heating of oils.

Pressure ratings available are PN16 or PN25 with maximum temperature up to 250°C. The heat exchanger can be supplied with a stainless steel shell for sanitary applications or with a mild steel shell for industrial applications.

The shell can be produced as an all-welded unit or with the shell side flanged for manual cleaning of plate pack.

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