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Slimline multisensor soil water probe

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SENTEK Sensor Technologies , a leader in soil moisture monitoring technology, is celebrating its 11th year with a new product designed to meet emerging market expectations.

EasyAG is Sentek’s latest product offering and is an easy to install slim-line soil moisture measurement probe.

Utilising a slimmer design of the EnviroSCAN sensor technology, EasyAG is designed for fast-growing shallow rooted crops.

With a choice of interfaces available, the EasyAG probe can be used in conjunction with a Sentek EnviroSCAN logger as a stand-alone system, or connected to a wide range of other on-farm technologies.

EasyAG is an easy to use device, which has already received global attention from growers who are keen to adopt water saving practices to increase production and quality, and improve environmental management.

The precision and accuracy of the EasyAG and its installation technique, is comparable with the EnviroSCAN.

The EasyAG has multiple fixed sensors at depth increments of 10cm (4 inches) to a depth of 0.5m (20 inches) and a smaller probe diameter with a unique tip design and installation procedure that provides excellent probe to soil contact.

This new soil water probe can be quickly and easily installed using a conventional soil-sampling auger and a simple stabilisation brace.

It is particularly suited for use in vegetable and field crop production where frequent installations due to relatively fast crop cycles are necessary, and has applications in the establishment of new vine and tree crops.

In addition to these benefits, the new EasyAG has the ability to connect to a range of on-farm systems.

Sentek's new EasyAGTM probe is due for release in Australia at the Irrigation Australia Conference and Exhibition to be held at Sydney's Convention and Exhibition Centre, May 21-23, 2002.

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