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Sensortechnics GmbH offers HCLA series low pressure sensors

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article image HCLA series low pressure sensors can be customised to suit customer requirements

HCLA series low pressure sensors, now supplied by Sensortechnics GmbH , measure ultra low gauge or differential pressures from 2.5 mbar Full Scale.

They provide a digital I²C bus interface plus an analogue 0.5 - 4.5 V output signal at the same time. This offers OEM customers increased design flexibility, for applications such as building up a redundancy functionality for safety critical applications.

These low pressure sensors can communicate directly with microcontrollers without the need for additional A/D converters. Digital SPI bus and custom specific outputs are available on request.

A special compensation technique is used by the HCLA series to achieve a high offset stability and virtually no position sensitivity. With the inclusion of an optional three volt power supply, this makes the pressure sensors particularly well suited for battery powered portable or handheld devices.

As standard, a five volt power supply is included.

With a wide range of miniature single inline and SMT housing options, HCLA sensors allow for flexible and space saving PCB mounting.

All HCLA low pressure sensors can be modified according to customer specific requirements, with respect to elements such as pressure range, resolution and internal digital settings.

Typical applications of HCLA low pressure sensors include:

  • medical devices
  • instrumentation
  • environmental controls; and
  • HVAC.

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