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Safety relay installs up to 30 devices

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article image Safety circuit according to EN 954-1.

JOKAB Safety, represented in Australia by Sensor Safe Pty Ltd , has a safety relay that makes it possible to install up to 30 safety devices in the same safety circuit and still achieve safety category 4 according to EN 954-1.

The Jokab ‘Vital’ module is what makes this safety system possible.

Vital is a small (22.5mm wide din mount) electronic safety relay that is based upon a dynamic single-channel concept as opposed to conventional dual-channel safety relays.

Up to 30 dynamic sensors can be connected directly in the safety circuit and be supervised by only one Vital module. The Vital therefore replaces several safety relays.

Most safety components on the market can be connected to the Vital module.

Dynamic sensors enable safety category 4 to be achieved in a single-channel system. For example Jokab's non-contact Eden sensor and Spot light beam.

E stops, mechanical switches and third party devices can be connected to the Vital with the aid of Tina adaptors and still achieve category 4.

All sensors are connected using a five-core M12 cable. The sensors are connected in series, minimising cable and installation costs as only one cable run is needed.

The Vital has automatic or manual supervised reset selection, dual safety outputs and an information output for reset indication and status information for PLCs. It has detachable connector blocks that simplify connection, trouble-shooting and exchange of module.

Sensor Safe Pty Ltd supplies and installs industrial safety solutions including Jokab's Vital, Pluto PLC and Quick-Guard systems.

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