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SENSORPLEX has released the Pluto A20, Category 4 (According to AS4024-1) Safety PLC from Jokab Safety of Sweden.

Housed in a small 45mm DIN rail mounted unit, the Pluto A20 boasts 20 I/O's consisting of four dedicated fail-safe outputs, eight dedicated fail-safe inputs in addition to 8 configurable failsafe inputs/non-fail-safe outputs with current monitoring on two of these I/O.

In addition to static inputs (standard E-Stops, Gate Switches etc), the Pluto A20 can be configured to accept dynamic signals from the Vital solution range of safety sensors such as the Type 4 RF Non-Contact Sensors. Up to ten safety devices, including E-Stops and Non-Contact RF proximity sensors can be connected by utilising two I/O's.

In terms of expansion, a maximum of 32 Pluto A20's can be connected together to provide a total of 640 I/O using a simple twisted pair wire. Each Pluto can act as the Master or Slave unit on the bus. No additional equipment is required as the expansion interface is integrated into each Pluto A20. The Pluto A20 is certified by TUV as a Category 4 device according to EN954-1 (AS4024-1), Type 4 according to EN61496-1 and Type IIIC according to EN 574. Each Pluto A20 is shipped with the Pluto Manager, a full feature graphical programming interface, including a set of TUV approved safety function blocks.

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