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Portable and industrial gas detectors on display at Safety in Action

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Sensor Technologies market, commission and service portable and industrial gas detection such as;

Gas detection equipment – HA Sieger

  • Catalytic flammable gas and electrochemical toxic point gas detectors
  • Infrared point gas detectors and infrared open path gas detectors
  • Stand alone control systems.

Portable gas detection equipment – HA Neotronics

  • Portable gas detectors for petrochemical and mining industries
  • Portable gas detectors for confined space applications

Toxic gas detection equipment – HA MDA scientific

  • Chemcassette detection technology – single and multi-point toxic gas analysers
  • Toxic gas management systems for semiconductor, plastics and foam industries
  • Odour monitoring systems for odour scrubbing applications

Alarm annunciators – MEDC

  • Pushbuttons and breakglass units
  • Beacons
  • Sounders and speakers and
  • Status lights

Products on display at Safety in Action 2007 will include the Impact and Impulse X4 portable gas detectors.

The Impact pro multi-gas detector monitors the working atmosphere for oxygen, flammable and a choice of two toxic gases, in an innovative pre-calibrated cartridge.

Housed in a compact, lightweight, robust package the Impact Pro has a high visibility alarm panel and a loud two-tone audible alarm, working in conjunction with a built-in vibrating alarm.

The high specification of the Impact pro also includes event logging and data logging as standard.

Also, included is the Safelink communications system for continuous communications and safe working in confined space and search and rescue applications.

The Impact pro uses the new in advanced and innovative sensor technology with the patented Heartbeat and Reflex sensor health monitoring techniques to provide sensor capability that is reliable and self-monitoring.

For ease of use the Impact Pro includes a large LCD backlit graphical display with simple 4 button operation, requiring minimal training.

The Impact is supplied complete with combined charger and software interface, cable, flow hood, rechargeable NiMH battery packs, dry cell adaptors and belt clip.

Also included is a multimedia CD with training aids, application information and an interactive multilingual getting started guide. A range of accessories is also available to meet individual customer requirements.

Impulse X4 is a robust portable gas detector for protection against flammable, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide gas hazards.

It is ideal for use by companies wanting advanced performance, reliability and ease of use without the high costs of long term maintenance.

Impulse X4 focuses on ease of use by offering only the functionality required to comply with legislation.

Everything that a user routinely has to do can be achieved with a single button press.

Keeping it simple reduces training requirements and enables use in a wider range of industries. The X4 series is available in single, two, three and four sensor permutations to provide cover over a wide range of applications cost effectively.

Ease of use does not mean basic functionality. For example, every instrument has the capability to log data using a simple to fit optional memory card (the type you get in a digital camera).

Events, gas data and calibration history are all stored and the free software downloaded from our web site enables you to graph or print reports at the press of a button.

Convenience and the way users want to work is an important consideration. When clipped to the belt or harness, users may want the re-assurance of being able to view the display from different positions.

But with many other units the display is upside down forcing the user to remove the unit to look at the display, perhaps creating a hazard.

Impulse X4 users can flip the display at the press of a button for that added convenience and safety.

With an ultra clear backlit display, vibrating and powerful audiovisual alarm; the Impulse X4 demands attention when gas hazards are detected in even adverse working conditions.

All in all, Impulse X4 offers reliable, easy to use gas detection for user safety.

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