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Sensing Technologies offers hygrometry measurement devices

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Sensing Technologies  offers detection, sensing and measurement solutions to various industries including mining, gas, petro-chemical, water industry, border security, research and design industries.

Sensing Technologies offers hygrometry measurement devices for measuring dew point, relative humidity and moisture. These are manufactured by Edgetech and Doescher & Doescher. Edgetech provides wide range of hygrometry devices. Portable hygrometry devices like TRH-CA portable digital hygrometer, 1500 portable dew point hygrometer, 650 hand held hygrometer are provided.

Instrumentation models include Comp - Air dew point hygrometer for compressed air systems, DPS Series heated dew point systems, dew prime series chilled mirror dew point hygrometers, DPM-99 medical air dew point hygrometer and dew trace moisture analyser are also offered by Sensing Technologies.

Sensing Technologies also offers transmitters for measuring hygrometry units including 6740 series compressed air transmitters, temperature transmitters, Dew track chilled mirror transmitter, THT-S and model H-S.

Doescher & Doescher devices include industrial moisture measurement including off line systems, in line systems. MoistureScan includes coffee, food, pet food, wood fibre, chips, saw dust, pellets and chemical goods, pharmaceutical. VenScan is used by textiles, wood, paper, band and plate shaped materials.

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