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Border security technologies from Sensing Technologies

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Sensing Technologies  is specialist in offering sealing, sensing, detection and measurement solutions to various industries like mining, ship building and power generation. Border security technologies from Sensing Technologies are an acoustical system which helps in detecting explosive, hazardous substances present inside the cans and bottles and storage devices.

Acoustical inspection system includes PASS detection system which is a reliable, safe method to identify the liquid and bulk solid contents, to determine the levels of fill, to detect hidden compartments. PASS uses acoustic technology to integrate sealed containers to identify solid materials including chemical agents, industrial reagents.

This system helps in identifying contents present, detects the hidden compartments and determines the fill levels in the containers. These determinations are made without opening the sealed containers, thereby protecting inspectors and the public from hazardous materials, vapours and disastrous exposure to lethal substances.

Bottle inspector system is designed to screen commuters, employees and passengers entering controlled spaces to detect and confirm match bottle labels, flammable and liquid explosives. Bottle inspector system inspects bottles containing juices, sodas etc. It also helps in detecting flammable liquids in high traffic areas.

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