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Traditional Thai massage from Sen Healing

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Sen Healing  is a traditional Thai massage therapy centre owned by Dennis the massage practitioner. Thai message is a combination of reflexology, acupuncture, stretching and yoga.

Thai massage is considered as an ancient healing art where the practitioner use their palm, elbow, thumb, knee and foot pressure, combined with yoga based stretches to stimulate and balance the energy flow of the body. Thai massage from Sen Healing also helps in releasing blockages and increases the vitality. Thai massage is traditionally performed with the recipient fully clothed, lying on a comfortable massage mat.

The benefit of Thai massage from Sen Healing can be obtained only when full 90-120 minutes body treatment is applied. It can also be done to treat stress related disorders. Thai massage is effective against joint and soft tissue injury, insomnia, anxiety, headaches and shoulder, digestive disorders and upper back tensions. Thai practitioners at Sen Healing also woks on network of energy line and it is called Sen. Sen distributes the life energy through out the body.

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