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Non-contact, radar level gauge

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article image PiloTREK radar level gauge.

THE PiloTREK frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) type radar level gauge offers the highest standard of non-contact level metering technology for liquids and solids without any compromise in the performance with an accuracy also suitable for custody transfer measurement.

Available from Semrad , the four models range from the low cost 2-wire to the 4-wire high precision version.

Their horn antenna or wave stick come with a wide variety of materials, while the most different sealings provide the chance of the proper choice for any application.

The FMCW radar uses high frequency wave of 8,5 GHz with a 1 GHz frequency sweep for the measurement.

A wave is emitted by the antenna and received with a time delay depending on the distance of the measured surface The lower frequency of the emitted wave is compared with the frequency generated at the time the reflected wave reaches the antenna.

This frequency difference is transformed via a Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) into a frequency spectrum from which distance and level is calculated.

The unique TBF and partial TBF method provides for reliable measurement even with very low relative dielectric constants between 4 and 1.05 when the waves reflected from the surface of the medium are very weak.

TBF (tank bottom following) method uses the electromagnetic waves going through the medium.

In this case the level is calculated from the virtual moving away of the bottom caused by the "impeding" effect of the waves in the material.

Partial TBF represents the possibility to activate the TBF only below a certain filling level above which the direct measurement is applied automatically.

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