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article image Low inductivity connector for 220kW-900 kW drives.

SEMIKRON has released the Semikube B6CI, a power electronics platform that supplies a standardised, compact, maintainable and flexible system for forced air-cooled inverters from 300A up to 1.55kA. It is the first platform developed by the newly-established global network of nine Semikron solution centres.

Similar Semikube blocks are connected in various mechanical and electrical arrangements to achieve the desired electrical and mechanical performance. The low inductive connector allows for fast connection and disconnection. The cubic form of the blocks allows installation horizontally or vertically in the cabinet.

Parts used within the 385A-1550A range (at 3kHz switching frequency) have been reduced to the minimum. The whole range can be covered with only one reference of IGBT module, capacitor, heatsink, fan and current sensor. The Semikron SKHI gate driver family along with close protection scheme gate boards protect the devices with electrical isolation, Vce monitoring, short pulse suppression, under-voltage monitoring and interlocking.

The Semikube range has forced air-cooling of the capacitors guaranteeing a long life expectancy and avoiding the occurrence of hot spots. The symmetry of the busbar system between the capacitor blocks and the IGBT modules ensure a current sharing between the modules and between the capacitors. All five sizes use the same spare parts. This ensures easy integration, plug and play and easy maintenance. Three of these sizes have a half-controlled rectifier with a precharge system included.

All removable parts weigh less than 30kg and all screwing points are accessible from the front side. For a large installation with multiple power ratings less spares are required due to the modularity of the Semikube. The same parts are used through the whole range, simplifying training of the after-sales team and improving availability of the parts.

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