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SEMIKRON has expanded the Semistack range with a power solution integrating Semix IGBT half-bridge modules and Skyper half-bridge driver core, containing all basic driver functions.

It is available as an off-the-shelf or configurable black box suitable for a range of applications. All the user needs to do is provide a control scheme. It can be expanded as a platform with built-in intelligence, incorporating advances in power electronics while using common piece parts wherever possible. It can be based on the Semix 2, 3 or 4 IGBT half-bridge modules. The IGBT modules are housed in a low-inductance, 17mm-high package.

A range of current ratings is available within each Semix family, providing an overall choice ranging from 250A to 1300A. The stack can be configured for low, medium or high power to suit applications including motor drives, inverters, uninterruptible power supplies and renewable energy generation.

It is protected by the incorporation of the Skyper intelligent gate driver circuits which. The circuits provide basic driver functions, electrical isolation, VCE monitoring, short pulse suppression, under-voltage monitoring and interlocking. The system includes low-inductance co-planar bus-barring, dc-linked voltage monitoring, closed-loop current sensors and thermal measurement, high-frequency snubber capacitors, and dc-linked bulk capacitance. The units have been designed to be plug-and-play and are fully electrically and thermally tested. They are available in air-cooled and, for even more compact solutions, water-cooled variants.

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