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Semco announces Fiori adds certifiable QA to concrete batching vehicle

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article image The Fiori DB 460SL Concrete Batching Vehicle features the addition of a pre-loaded menu board

Semco Group announces the addition of a pre-loaded menu board to the Fiori DB 460SL Concrete Batching Vehicle (CBV).

The addition of the pre-loaded menu board enables the CBV to manufacture a variety of certifiable mixes according to a customer’s specifications at any time, in any location. This design enhancement provides construction workers with fresh mixes without waste or delay.

According to Fiori, the mixer’s dosing computer performs progressive and final check of concrete quality.

"The CBV’s system is simple to operate. It prompts the operator in simple steps to produce a specified mix in the volume required to the desired slump. There is also an onboard additives reservoir that can inject the required dose of admix as specified,” said Graham Murphy of Semco, Fiori’s Australian distributor.

"We know this technology works. It’s been proven on one of the world’s toughest construction zones. There are more than 90 of these mixers deployed on building a 1600km railway line in Brazil."

Reports can be produced for monitoring by project managers, work managements, contractors or any construction stakeholder. These reports can be generated in either hard copy or sent to any recipient on a mobile device.

Certification reports include a proportional indication of slump and if required, the humidity level can be input to allow the batch mix be automatically recalculated to ensure the water/cement ratio remains constant.

"At times, concrete from batching plants may not always be the best solution, particularly when remote or difficult access is involved – or batches are small and specialised. The Fiori 460 DB CBV is ideal for suppliers who need to store multiple concrete (and any other aggregate) recipes for making certifiable concrete using different components,” said Murphy.

“The mixer’s ability to produce quality certification; its excellent off-road mobility and manoeuvrability that enables it to access its pouring position in all weather and elimination of the need for ancillary equipment, such as cranes or pumps, makes it an attractive proposition.”

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