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SL2020 PCM performance analysers from Semaphore Logic Australia

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Semaphore Logic Australia  specialises in manufacturing and designing telecommunication test instruments. Tiger Eye, a unit of Semaphore Logic Australia offers range of alarm detection and communication devices. The telecommunications test products from Semaphore Logic Australia performance monitoring analysers. This performance monitoring analysers is designed to monitor the behaviour of plesiochronous digital transmission PCM circuits.

SL2020 from Semaphore Logic Australia is a dual channel and stand alone primary rate PCM performance analyser. This SL2020 analyser is designed for in service measurements on digital transmission systems having 2.048 Mbit/s. SL2020 is used with all types of 2 Mbit networks and it is designed to use with customer premises end of digital link. Each channel present in this analyser helps in detecting HDB3 coding errors, errors in the frame alignment signal and multi frame block errors.

These channels also help in detecting alarm conditions like alarm indication signal, loss of signal, remote alarm, loss of frame synchronisation, distant multi frame alarm, errors detected in the frame alignment word are processed with help of pre defined measurements. The SL2020 consist two terminal and modem serial ports. Terminal serial ports are ideal for local inter communications and modem is ideal for remote dial up and dial back uses. SL2020 is operated and programmed using windows application software.

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