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VOLPAK'S SP tuna packer, available from Selpak Automation , creates flat or stand up pouches from a reel of flexible film and dispenses the tuna without flaking it (by compacting the lions). It then seals the pouch in a guaranteed quality process and produces a pack ready for sterilisation in the autoclave.

This pack offers considerable benefits over cans. It can be easily opened without tools and leaves no dangerous jagged edges. Once opened, it can be re-closed with the zipper and kept in the fridge. It retains its shape and flavour integrity despite knocks and rough handling. Printing can be done directly onto the pack to advertise the product and increase product exposure on the shelf. The packaging is estimated at half the cost of tins and the storage costs are vastly reduced as well.

Other packs available include the membrane or double cavity pouch. This enables different products to be filled in the same pack without cross contamination, preserving their individual features perfectly until consumption. The pouches can be flat or with a gusset and externally look like a normal pouch.

Although the membrane pouch was developed for ready meals, to keep pasta, rice and vegetables shielded from contaminants, the film pouch can also be very useful in the chemical industry for paints, two-component glues and even cosmetics.

Lastly however certainly not least, Volpak has optimised its cap applicator system, achieving total quality in the container. The pouches passed resistance tests, taking pressures of over 400kg in weight.

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