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Fully automated cereal bar production line

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ONE of Ter Braak's latest innovations, the Oscillating Contimix, has been incorporated in the fully automated cereal bar production line supplied by Hosokawa's Confectionery & Bakery Group to an entrepreneur in Argentina.

Energy Bar

The bar which has been co-developed by one of the major dairy industries in Argentina, is based on cereals and vitamins, combined with the traditional Argentinian Dulce de Leche, and coated with chocolate.

Single Source Supply

The complete cereal bar production line, from ingredients supply up to the final chocolate coated bar, comes from one single source: convenient, efficient and time and cost saving.

Swinging Contimix

The installation comprises an automatic TER BRAAK kitchen. The ingredients are dosed according to recipe, cooked to the required Brix and then sent to a buffer reservoir to make the process continuous. At the correct temperature, the cereals and additives are mixed in the Dulce de Leche by the Contimix.

By means of the oscillating movement of the Contimix, the mass is fed evenly into the hopper of the BEPEX former, type GP 200-400.

Any Shape You Want

The forming line is especially suited for pressure sensitive masses. The basic components according to the MAT System (Modular Assembly Technique) enable the manufacture of a great variety of special product shapes.

After passage of the cooling tunnel the mass slab, cooled down to cutting temperature, is seized by the strand cutter and cut longitudinally to the requested product width. The product strands are spaced by the fanning system. Afterwards the transversal cut is made by the cutting machine distancing the product longitudinally.

The Coating that Fits

The bars pass the KREUTER Chocoat, to get a balanced chocolate coating. After being cooled further in the universal cooling tunnel, the products are ready to be packed. Also the chocolate tempering system as well as tempering devices and a refrigeration unit have been supplied to this client.

Joint forces of Kreuter, Bepex and Ter Braak, under Hosokawa's Confectionery & Bakery Flag, have resulted in a production line tailored to meet local challenges.

Caught you interest for Single Source Supply? Contact Selpak for more information.

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