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CL153 cartoning machine from Select Packaging Systems

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FMGC packaging is dependent on effective design to attract consumers while still remaining practical to use. However, changes to packaging shapes usually result in having to alter how the product is cartoned.

With one organisation, their tapered shaped containers meant that selecting the best cartoning machine to suit their requirements was imperative. It was CAMA and the CL153 cartoning machines that were selected to pack and collate the tapered containers.

Each CL153 cartoning machine is fed from the production line, which reaches a speed of 160 packs / minute.

In order for the containers to fit neatly in the carton and to ensure that they are displayed correctly in the carton’s window, every alternative pack needs to be rotated 180°.

The packs are sensed by the cartoning machine, which then erects a micro-flute carton from the large capacity magazine. Collations of 6, 8 or 10 tapered packs are loaded into the erected cartons via an overhead sweep.

All of CAMA’s cartoning machines come standard with the following specifications.

  • Fully electronic machines driven by a servo motor
  • Toothed belts for transmission and motion system reducing maintenance and providing high production speeds
  • Clear view of the flow of the product/packaging
  • Ergonomical design with easy accessibility through the full height doors

CAMA offers entire end of line packaging solutions from cartoning machines, robotic loading and wrap around case packers.

The CL153 cartoning machine is available from Select Packaging Systems.

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